Australian Navy Strength Gin 500ml

Australian Navy Strength Gin 500ml

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This gin is for drinking, for enjoying and sharing with the ones you love, not for sitting on a shelf collecting dust. A bold gin at 60% alcohol.

The same great collection of botanicals as our standard gin, just turned all the way up. The tables turned slightly, with the spice coming to the front and a beautiful citrus finish. Navy Strength comes from the old myth that the Navy captains would only accept gin high enough in alcohol, that it still lit gin-soaked gunpowder. Best enjoyed neat, over ice or in your favourite cocktail, destined to become the “Swiss Navy” gin of your bar.

60% ALC/VOL                  22 STANDARD DRINKS

Crisp and refreshing, like a better Mojito... becuase it's gin.

45ml   Australian Navy Strength Gin

30ml   fresh lime juice

30ml   fresh grapefruit juice

1   quatered lime

5   mint leaves

10ml   simple syrup

NOTES :   Combine all ingredients in a shaker, with ice. Shake hard for 10 seconds. Roll out contents into tall glass for a mojito style, or double strain into a coupe for a classy look.

Beast of a cocktail originally designed as a hangover cure, now we enjoy them as the cause...

45ml   Australian Navy Strength Gin

45ml   fresh lemon juice

45ml   Cointreau

45ml   Cocchi Americano

10ml   simple syrup

NOTES :   Shake all the ingredients together with ice and double strain into a chilled coupe.